4 Reasons Why A Thorough House Cleaning Is Essential During COVID-19

     The importance of a deep and thorough house cleaning is becoming more apparent than ever. The WHO and various local health authorities have published guidelines on how to ensure the safety of family members, employees, and customers against the highly infectious COVID-19 and they all include a thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces in the home and workplace.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why a thorough house cleaning is essential during the pandemic:

Prevent Transmission- avoiding the transmission of COVID-19 is the primary reason why you should have thorough cleaning at your home. Viruses are more resilient that bacteria and fungi, and they require more thorough cleaning procedures to eradicate. In a normal situation, an average home’s workspace already has a worrying number of microorganisms that may cause a wide variety of illnesses. Be aware that buttons and door handles may carry a lot more germs than toilet seats. These often-used objects are significant risk factors for the spread of COVID-19.

Higher Productivity- a clean home can ensure increased productivity for people working from home during the pandemic. When you realise that hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities during the pandemic, your home will be both cleaner and safer and you will be able to concentrate better on your work. A rarely cleaned up home office can be distracting, and it is important to give yourself a clean work environment.

Less Clutter- in any situation, clutter is a huge impediment. When doing a thorough cleaning, it is also necessary to do away with piles of paper, stationery, and unused items. When working in a de-cluttered area, it is easier to find indispensable items. Operational processes will be faster and more efficient. In a pandemic situation, it is important to achieve more with less effort.

Good Impression- many people are concerned about potential transmission of COVID-19 in public and commercial spaces. An untidy home will not send out a favourable message to your guests. By contacting a professional residential cleaning company, you can be assured that your home is clean, safe, and COVID free.

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