5 Things To Include In Your Spring Cleaning

     For many homeowners, spring cleaning is something that they look forward to. After shutting your home tight throughout the winter, it’s time to open the windows, thoroughly clean up everything, and let the season’s sunshine and fresh air in. You need to follow the right steps to spring clean your home efficiently, saving time and giving your home a fresh, clean smell.

With that in mind, we are going to share some helpful spring cleaning tips that will have your home looking and smelling fresh all season long:

Declutter- this should be the first step of any spring-cleaning procedure. Check your fridge and throw away expired food items and condiments. Check all rooms for items that you no longer need. Sell, donate, recycle, or throw them away. Don’t hesitate to throw away old furniture and boxes filled with things you haven’t used in years. Sentimental reasons can cause many people to hoard a huge pile of unnecessary items. It is time to use your common sense and liberate yourself from the seemingly unending clutter of winter.

Get Rid Of Dust- use a long-handled duster to clean up the top of the kitchen cabinets and ceiling fan blades. Remember to dust the upper part of your interior first. Ask a HVAC technician to clean up the air vents, air conditioning units and heaters as this will do wonders at making your home easier to clean later and it can reduce allergens. Bring your rugs and carpets outside during a bright, sunny day. The fresh air will dry them out and the sunshine will sanitise them. Repeat two or three times to make sure that your rugs are almost dust-free. After dusting all dirty surfaces, use damp microfiber cloths to completely clean up and remaining dust or debris.

Clean Bathrooms And Kitchen- bathrooms and kitchen are high-traffic areas of your home. You need to set aside enough time to deep clean both areas completely. Check kitchen cabinets for old utensils, dried herbs, and spices that you no longer use. Wipe down all surfaces with a non-toxic cleaning solution. Make sure to clean up your oven and microwave as well. Put on your gloves and clean bathtubs, sinks, shower heads and toilets next. Use paper towel and safe cleaning solutions to wipe down all mirrors and glass surfaces. Mop the floor thoroughly and use brush to remove fungal growth. Having a system will make spring cleaning more effective and efficient.

Clean All Fabrics- wash your mattress covers, linens and pillowcases in hot water. If possible, you should run pillows through washing machine in the morning. If the weather is clear, you can put the damp, recently washed pillows outside. The UV rays will effectively and safely kill dust mites and any bad microorganisms. When using regular washing machines, you should wash only a couple of pillows at a time. After using pillows for two years, you should replace them.

Clean The Floors- this should be the last step to do when spring cleaning your home. Use the right extension to vacuum hard floor surfaces. After removing debris and dust, mop your floor thoroughly.

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