End Of Tenancy Cleans: Positive Reasons To Clean Your “Old” Place


End of Tenancy Cleans or Move Out Cleans are required to restore your old rental place into an utter clean property on the final inspection date by your landlord.

What are the positive reasons for doing a Move Out Clean?

  • Minimize disputes. Leaving your former rental property dirty is one of the main reasons for disputes between tenants and landlords. More than half of the disputes adjudicated by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme are related to cleaning.
  • It helps you get a good reference from your former landlord. In some cases, you may need your former landlord to provide you with a reference as you move out to your next property. When you do your Move Out Clean well, your former landlord may include this good information in their reference or recommendation to your next landlord.
  • A Move Out Clean is required by the law. Tenancy agreements have many points, which must be signed for, and leaving the rental property clean at the end of your tenancy is part of them. In most cases, it is a legal requirement to conduct an End of Tenancy clean to promote a safer environment for the incoming tenant in a property.
  • Increases new client satisfaction. When the landlord or former tenant does a proper Move Out Clean, the chances are high that the next tenant will quickly appreciate the property. Moreover, such a client can post the clean property on their social media to show off their new property, attracting potential tenants to a particular rental block.

When you don't want to get involved in tedious cleaning, feel free to contact professional End of Tenancy cleaners to do an excellent job for you that's worth sharing online. Always create a clean and welcoming property for your new tenants to boost sales.

  • The tenants will most likely get back their deposits. When tenants leave their former properties adequately cleaned, it gets much easier for their landlords to give them a full refund of their rental deposits.

The landlord usually takes a deposit at the start of renting. The particular amount is based on the agency, the property's size and price, or the landlords themselves if the property is private. If you want to get back your initial deposit, you need to leave the rental property in a clean condition.

  • It helps landlords to protect their property investments. One of the fundamental reasons for an End of Tenancy clean is for landlords to prepare their property for inventory. A thorough Move Out Clean is an ideal way to organize your property for an inventory.

When taking your inventory photos, ensure that a high standard of cleanliness is evident. Take images of the walls, carpets, and the inside of cupboards. Pay close attention to the interiors of the white goods.

If you have them, take many pictures of the interiors of ovens and fridges. All this is a source of evidence for cleanliness.


An End of Tenancy clean is essential. It can be done by professional cleaners, tenants, and landlords.